When I committed to being an artist and starting my own company I knew that giving back to my community was something that was important to me. My first business, Bee Good Candle Co., was guided by my Mantra, “Bee Good to your planet, Bee Good to your pets, and Bee Good to yourself.” While you all know and love me as Pazful Designs, I find comfort in bringing a bit of my first business into the new business.

100% of profits (after costs) will be going to a charity or nonprofit of my choosing each year. I’ve doodled my entire life, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to see my eyeball design on a t-shirt. Getting my doodles on clothing has been a dream of mine since I was in elementary school (mom can vouch). 
This year I’m choosing to donate to @rockthevote. Turning 18 two months before the 2008 election was such an amazing feeling. Even though I didn’t fully understand the electoral college process in high school, I knew that my vote made a difference. Voting should be accessible to EVERY CITIZEN in the United States. @rockthevote is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that I vividly remember seeing on MTV when I was 18. So buy these tees and let’s raise some money! Restocks will happen as necessary so that we can continually raise funds and donate.